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Karting competitions

Competition formula
Grand Prix.

Grand Prix is ​​one of the most exciting go-kart competition formulas, providing unique experiences and emotions for all participants - both those who experience go-karting for the first time and professionals.

We start the competition with training, which allows us to familiarize ourselves with the go-kart and the track. Then we start the qualifications, after which the participants receive starting places in the race.

The winner is the one who crosses the finish line first. Experienced staff will provide professional care and help you choose the best strategy.

Get ready for exciting racing and experience the power of electric go-karts at Pitlane.


Take advantage of the unexpected attraction of Game Of Karts and organize an evening with your friends

This is a real-life reflection of the famous game Mario Karts. Our track is the only one in Poland and the fifth in the world that is owned by her! Of course, the game is also a form of race - we use the bonuses collected while driving to defeat our opponents and cross the finish line in 1st place. Laser projectors and speakers placed throughout the track enrich the game with effects that give the overall character. This is a great option for those not concerned with getting the best time possible.

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